Air Box
Stealth Filters

Simply the best air filtration system for industrial, commercial and residential environments


US$ 369.95

(CAD$ 449.95)

Air Movement Fan

The perfect balance between airflow and wind noise - the quietest fans in the industry


US$ 126.95 

(CAD$ 149.95)

Replaceable Carbon Filters

Destroy odors, capture organic and non-organic contaminants and scrub pathogens from the air


US$ 72.95

(CAD$ 82.95)

Air Box Junior HEPA

eliminates 98% of all airborne particles down to 0.3 microns using the MERV 13 filter


US$ 289.95

(CAD$ 347.95)
Quiet and powerful, Air Box obliterates excess heat, destroys odors and circulates healthy fresh air!

Air Box Stealth is simply the best air filtration system for all industrial, commercial and residential environments. Air Box circulates clean, healthy fresh air.

Air Box is designed and manufactured with replaceable high-flow, high-quality carbon filters pre-filled with exclusive 100% premium activated charcoal. Air Box is designed to hang off the ground to save space.

The only in-line carbon filter built for commercial, industrial and residential environments. Combined with RUCK Air Movement fans, Air Box is a highly efficient air filtration and ventilation solution.


Replaceable carbon filters:

  • Destroy odors and removes excess heat
  • Capture organic and non-organic contaminants
  • Scrub pathogens from the air



All Air Box systems and components are quiet and powerful.

Air box Models (8)

Air Box Junior (3)

Air Box Replacement Filters (7)

Air Box Pre-Filters (4)

Inline Fans (11)

Air Box Bundles (6)


Air Box Models

Air Box 3 Stealth 1200 CFM 8″ Flanges Carbon Inline Filter

$ 699.95 Brand:

Air Box 4 Stealth 2000 CFM 10″ Flanges Carbon Inline Filter

$ 869.95 Brand:

Air Box 4+ Stealth 3500 CFM 12″ Flanges Carbon Inline Filter

$ 1,039.95 Brand:

Air Box Junior HEPA–MERV 13 Inline Filter 250 CFM, 10″ Flanges Pre-Filter Included

$ 299.95 Brand:

Replacement Filters

Air Box 1 Refill Cartridge (1 filter per/order)

$ 72.95 Brand:

Air Box 2 Refill Cartridge (2 filters per/order)

$ 145.95 Brand:

Air Box 3 Refill Cartridges (3 filters per/order)

$ 218.95 Brand:

Air Box 4 Refill Cartridges (4 filters per/order)

$ 331.95 Brand:

Air Box 4+ Refill Cartridges (4 filters per/order)

$ 571.95 Brand:

Air Box Junior CARBON Filter Refill

$ 106.95 Brand:


Air Box Bundles

Bundling an Air Box Carbon or HEPA filter with a Ruck Fan or replacement filters saves money, offers convenience, and ensures clean, filtered air for improved health! It's a smart choice for anyone seeking a high-quality air filtration system.


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