Quiet yet powerful, Air Box efficiently eliminates excess heat, neutralizes odors, and filters out contaminants, pathogens, and impurities, ensuring a continuous flow of fresh, healthy air throughout your space.

Introducing Air Box Stealth, the ultimate air filtration system for industrial, commercial, and residential spaces. Experience the benefits of fresh, healthy air with Air Box Stealth, designed to deliver unparalleled performance in any environment.

Air Box Stealth: Engineered for peak performance and convenience, featuring replaceable high-flow, premium activated charcoal filters. Hang Air Box to optimize space without compromising air quality.

Explore the exclusive in-line carbon filter designed for commercial, industrial, residential, and indoor growing environments. Paired with Ruck Air Movement fans, Air Box ensures unmatched efficiency in air filtration and ventilation.

Air Box Stealth Replaceable Carbon Filters:

  • Eradicate odors, smoke and regulate excess heat
  • Capture a spectrum of organic and non-organic contaminants
  • Eliminate pathogens, promoting a healthier indoor environment
  • Enhance air purity, reducing allergens and pollutants


Quiet yet powerful, Air Box sets the standard for superior air quality in any setting.

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Air Box Bundles

Bundling an Air Box Carbon or HEPA filter with a Ruck Fan or replacement filters saves money, offers convenience, and ensures clean, filtered air for improved health! It's a smart choice for anyone seeking a high-quality air filtration system.


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