Air Box 4 Stealth 2000 CFM 10" Flanges Charcoal Inline Filter
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Air Box 4 Stealth 2000 CFM 10″ Flanges Carbon Inline Filter
October 9, 2014
Air Box 1 Refill Cartridge
Air Box 1 Refill Cartridge (1 filter per/order)
October 30, 2014

Air Box 4+ Stealth 3500 CFM 12″ Flanges Carbon Inline Filter

US$ 799.95

Technical Specifications

Air Box original, premium commercial-grade, high-flow carbon filter. Obliterates excess heat, destroys odors and circulates fresh air! Replaceable filters can be changed to maintain optimal performance.

  • Easy to install, use and maintain
  • Adaptable to any duct/ filtering system
  • Replaceable high-flow carbon filters
  • 100% premium activated coconut charcoal
  • 100% air tight, continuous worry-free operation
  • Commercial, industrial and residential applications
  • Made in the USA

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Additional information
Maximum cfm:


Residence Time @ Recommended CFM:


Pressure (W.G.) @ Recommended CFM:

1.2 W.G.

Inlet/Outlet size:


Compatible FANS:

Stealth Fan 12”, Vortex VTX1200 and Vortex VTX2050



Number of Cartridges:

4 XL



Unit size:

32”x 12” x 15”

Outlet size


Total Weight:

120 lbs

Cartridges Size:

16” x 24” x 1.5”

Maximum Operating Temp:

176 F

CTC rate:


Air flow type:

Designed to push or pull the Air

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