Ruck S-Prime 12″ | CFM 1692 Inline Fan

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RUCK Air Movement Ventilation Fans create a very powerful airflow. RUCK Air fans will quickly ventilate your space, bring the temperature and humidity down, and push or pull odors and other pollutants through your air filters. These well-established fans achieve the perfect balance between air flow and wind noise, and are among the quietest available in the industry.

  • Sound insulated casing for silent operation
  • Incorporated Prime mixed flow fan
  • Very high efficiency rates
  • Integrated power switch
  • One-phase AC motor
  • Galvanized sheet steel casing
  • Made in Germany
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  • Voltage (V): 120
  • Hz: 60
  • Blade Design: Mix Flow
  • Housing: Galvanized Steel
  • Weight (kg): 15.2
  • Weight (lbs): 33.5
  • Max db.(A) Sound: 77



Voltage UN 120 V 1~
Current Imax 4.7 A
Ambient temperature tA 40 °C
Conveyed medium temperature tM 40 °C
Speed Control V
Motor protection TMI
Insulation class motor F
Weight 15,2 kg
Number of poles 2
IP motor IP00
IP terminal box
Min. operating temperature -25 °C
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Weight 5 kg
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1 review for Ruck S-Prime 12″ | CFM 1692 Inline Fan

  1. Todd Britton (verified owner)

    We installed an Ruck S-Prime 12″ Inline Fan on an exhaust system for a laser cutter/engraver. It was paired with a Air Box 4+ Carbon Filter, which I have reviewed separately. The exhaust system was partially installed during the build-out of an in-house model shop at an architectural firm. Basically, the duct was installed for a portion of the run but fan, filter, and machine connections were not provided. The configuration of the existing ducting was long, convoluted, and undersized. We were concerned about the capability of the system to provide the airflow we were after. Our solution was to increase the duct size over the last section of the system, and install an oversized fan and filter at the end. We were attracted to the Ruck S-Prime Fan for it’s specifications and simple elegant design. While not made in the USA, the fan’s German origin supported our opinion that it was of high quality. The fan and filter have now been installed and we are very pleased with the air flow provided. More impressive is the quietness of the fan when in operation. It is no problem to have a normal conversation when standing directly under the fan. Our dust collector is significantly louder even though it is located in a separate room. An excellent product.

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