Air Box Filter Features

Air Box premium commercial-grade filters offer the most advanced system for improving indoor air quality. For residential, commercial and industrial environments.

Quiet and powerful, Air Box obliterates excess heat, destroys odors and circulates fresh air.

Air Box circulates clean, healthy fresh air. Replaceable activated carbon filters destroy odors, capture organic and non-organic contaminants and scrub pathogens from the air. Air Box is a highly effective air filtering system that obliterates excess heat, destroys odors and circulates fresh air.

Activated carbon granules are an "absorbent" with well-developed pore structures allowing for a full range of absorbent retention. The high hardness number allows for minimal granular breakage and the kindling point of this activated carbon is usually high. This activated carbon is particularly well suited for removal of organic and non-organic contaminants.

Air Box is the only modular, industrially designed carbon filter. Air Box is a sturdy metal enclosure designed to be easily hung in-line, inside or outside a residential, commercial or industrial environment. Replaceable high-flow carbon filters are made from exclusive 100% premium activated charcoal. Air-tight, it covers 100% of the filter surface area.

Air Box Filter Exclusive Coconut Shell Carbon Granules:

Base MaterialActivation MethodCarbon Tetrachloride Activity
Coconut ShellHigh Temp Steam60 CTS minimum
Particle SizeHardness (ball abrasion)Apparent Density (LBS/CU.FT)
4x897 minimum31 average
  • Easy to install, easy to use, easy to maintain

  • Adaptable to any duct/ filtering system

  • Replaceable high-flow carbon filters

  • 100% premium virgin coconut charcoal

  • 100% air tight, continuous worry-free operation

  • 100% of the filter surface area is used

  • 500 to 3500 CFM (Available in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 in. units)

  • For commercial, industrial or residential applications

  • Made in the USA


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