CARBON FILTRATION is the most trusted and proven air scrubbing technology used for cannabis growing operation odour control. Activated Carbon filtration has been used successfully for many decades for molecular filtration in both the water-treatment and the air pollution control industries, and it has been proven extremely effective for odour control in cannabis growing operations.

Air Box filters contain high-flow, 100% virgin coconut-shell activated charcoal media manufactured for odour control specifically for the growing industry. We provide this specialty gas-phase media in refillable trays (special order only) or disposable filter cells, whichever technology best suits your particular requirements and facility. However, we strongly recommend replaceable carbon filters inside our modular Air Box side-access housing as it provides “the lowest pressure drop versus the highest carbon content per square-foot of face area”. In other words, Air Box replaceable filter system provides the biggest bang for your odour control buck!


Air Box 4 Plus Stealth 3500 CFM, 12″ Flange Carbon Inline Filter with Pre-Filter

As with any high-efficiency filter system, the media is only as good as the seal that is provided when installed, since air always follows the path of least resistance. There’s no point in installing a CARBON or HEPA filter at all if the contaminated air simply goes around the specialty filter media! Every carbon filter is provided with its own neoprene gasket to ensure leak-free operation when mounted in our factory assembled side-access filter housing.

Every housing is designed for leak-free operation at +/-6”wc operation, assuring you that contaminant is forced to go through our filters, not around our filters! Having a gasket on each and every size filter, assures the lowest opportunity for contaminant bypass, thus the highest single-pass efficiency for the filter media.  We also recommend storage of spare replacement on site, thus permitting the lowest downtime for your Air Box filter system.

Neoprene gasket ensures leak-free operation

Flowering cannabis has a strong odour that is objectionable to most people, employees and neighbours alike! The very first item in the HVAC section of the Canadian Good Production Practices Guide (Section System – Filtration And Ventilation) states clearly: “Filter the air to prevent the escape of cannabis odours associated with cannabis plant material to the outdoors”.

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