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1Air Box High Flow Filter compared to Can Filter
The life of all carbon filters depend on 3 main things:

1. The amount of humidity in the air. The more humid, the less life of the carbon filter.

2. The amount of carbon in the filter. Can-lites are the same as regular filters but they have less carbon, therefore weigh less and do not last as long. We have the equivalent of a regular can filter.

3. The proper matching of fan to filter to space. You need to calculate your room cubic feet, L' x W' x H'. After you have your total cubic foot, divide by either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. The more odor in the room, the lower the number you want to pick. This will be how many times you want to exchange the air in your room in minutes. So if you have a 12' x 12' x 12' room that is 1,728 cuft. An air exchange every minute you would need a 1,728 cfm fan and filter, every 2 minutes would be 864 cfm fan and filter, every 3 minutes would be 576 cfm, every 4 minutes would be 432 cfm fan and filter and every 5 minutes would be 345.6 cfm fan and filter.

You will notice the higher cfm numbers on Air Boxes.

AirBox 1- 500 cfm
AirBox 2- 1000 cfm
AirBox 3- 1500 cfm
AirBox 4- 2000 cfm
AirBox 4+- 3500 cfm

These are maximum numbers. These are made to work perfectly with our Stealth in-line fans. So the cfm ranges are:
AirBox 1- 175-500 cfm
AirBox 2- 435-1000 cfm
AirBox 3- 745-1500 cfm
AirBox 4- 785-2000 cfm
AirBox 4+- 1075-3500 cfm

You can add a larger fan to the larger Air Boxes and still have "room" to do so. Like a Commercial Blower at either 2800 cfm or 3200 cfm
1 The in-line fan goes before the Air Box filter or after?
The fan can be used as a push or pull system…usually the fan goes after the filter.

1. Make the exhaust run as short as possible
2. Make as few turns as possible
3. Pull in fresh, cool air from the bottom
4. Exhaust hot, used air from top

1Can I wash my replaceable charcoal filters?
No you can't. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust. For optimal performance, check and replace your filters regularly!
1Does the Air Box Filter have chemicals in it?
We use 60 CTC carbon This means it will pick up 60% of it weight in CTC.
CTC is a chemical they use to rate the quality of the carbon. Typically the higher the CTC is the better the carbon is.

You take virgin carbon. You dry the carbon by running 150 degree dry air through it for 45 min.
You weigh a sample, say 100 mg t
You then run CTC through it until it doesn't pick up any more weight
1What is CFM ? (Cubic Feet per Minute)
CFM is a unit of volumetric capacity. It is commonly used by manufacturers of blowers. This is Cubic Feet per Minute.
1When using air cooling lights, should you push or pull your airflow?
We recommend pushing the air through your air cooled lights to avoid overheating your fan.