At Air Box, we’re passionate about providing clean,  healthy air filtration and ventilation solutions for clients across the spectrum of commercial, industrial and residential applications. Air Box provides clean, safe air that’s scientifically verified to be up to 98% effective in particle removal. We’re proud to have contributed to safe, clean air in these crucial environments through-out the global pandemic; Education, Healthcare and Corporate.

Are you looking for a way to keep your team safe and reassure customers and clients about air quality? Air Box is here to help. We provide clean air solutions for nearly any corporate environment, so you can create a safe and welcoming environment for your customers and employees. 

Business leaders face unique challenges surrounding indoor air. Faced with dual goals of keeping their own teams as safe as possible in the workplace and reassuring customers and clients about air quality, corporate leaders need a commercial-grade safe air filtration and ventilation solution.

Our team can work with you to establish your needs and use cases, then create a filter and fan set-up tailored specifically to your facility. We guarantee that it will improve your indoor air quality and prevent the spread of airborne infections like COVID-19.

Keep Your Business Safe and Reassure Customers with Air Box Filters! 


Running a business has always been hard work, but recent health crises have made it even harder. How can you ensure a safe environment for your customers, clients and employees while keeping up with industry regulations? Air Box can help you do just that.

Whether your business space is corporate offices, warehousing, or retail, Air Box filters can provide a commercial-grade safe air solution. Our team can recommend your set-up today, showing you exactly how to implement Air Box carbon and HEPA filters and RUCK fans so that you gain clean, safe air throughout your facilities. 

If you’re ready to be proactive about your business’s air quality, contact us today and get started on the path to improved air quality. 

Air Box; best-in-class air filtration, air movement and ventilation solutions for the commercial real estate industry.


For residential, commercial and industrial applications. Order Air Box filters and Ruck inline fans direct from the manufacturer at: